Tip Calculator

The Tip Calculator calculates tip amount for various percentages of the cost of the service, and also provides a total amount that includes the tip. In the US, a tip of 15% of the before tax meal price is customary. If the sales tax rate in an area is between 6% and 9%, a tip of 14% of the after-tax price is typically expected.

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Shared Bill Tip Calculator

The Shared Bill Tip Calculator considers the cost of the service, number of people, and chosen tip percentage to calculate the tip per person, as well as the total cost per person.

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What is Tip?

There are many situations that you can't simply avoid giving tips, sometimes you gave too much tip and thinking was it fair or not. In order to prevent this awkward moments and situations you can use tip calculator that can help you avoid these types of things in a bar or restaurants. To know exactly how much you should give tip every time you visit such places.

For those of you who don't know that tip calculator is quite useful tool for those people who often times goes to pubs, bars or anywhere else and you suppose to give tip. If you had a problem figuring out how much you should leave for a certain service then this calculator is one of the best options you can try right away.

With help of this you can also get the knowledge about sales tax in your areas. This calculator is so much convenient that you can even download its app and use it with your smart phones. You can figure out and calculate different percentage about cost of service you really need to pay accordingly no matter which city you live in, you will certainly get a fine idea about giving a fair tip.

How to Use Tip Calculator?

Although there is no bad in calculating 15% the value of the service with mathematical equation, you don't need to get complicated for this one. There is a comfortable and easy way to figure out the tip. You can save your time by doing, with the help of tip calculator. It is a simple to use app which help you count the specific percentage of your current bill. Here are the steps you need to follow such as,

Formula name for using tip calculator: price/tip percentage/number of people
  • First you need to type the value of your current bill
  • After that type the percentage of the tip
  • Select number of people you want to give
  • Click on the calculate button to give you initial results
  • You can also use its advance mode of tip calculator, this version comes with some additional box features you can use to select the number of people you are going to share the bill. This calculator will automatically display amount of tip and total per person amount tip.

    Working of Tip Calculator:

    The biggest question that comes in every person's mind how much tip would be fair enough to compensate the other one. However you may be stuck into the particular situation to choose the right amount of individually that depends on the quality of service from small to big hotels. The better the service the more you should pay with the range of 15 to 20% fixed tip. If you already know about tipping then you should know that this is a sign of showing good manners, leaving a spot without giving a tip may perceived as rude behavior. That is why giving tips is an essential part of going out to accommodate the service of a person.

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