Probability Calculator

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Probability of Two Events

To find out the union, intersection, and other related probabilities of two events.

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Probability of a Normal Distribution

Use the calculator below to find the area P shown in the normal distribution to the right, as well as the confidence intervals for a range of confidence levels.

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What is Probability?

There are much kind of new mathematical interactions you will have to face in your life just to calculate them in number of ways and one of the best you are seeing is using the probability calculation which is likely to be the whole measure of event that will happen or occur with possible outcomes. But for some calculating all those probabilities could be hard and tricky one. But once you learn the right formula you will be able to do it quite easily.
The finest example you can get is when someone tells the right kind of probability is about to happen like when people buy some lottery tickets and their probability is slated to win, and often times it can be like worse to tell you are not winning in that manner. This is why the formula of the probability gives many choices you will get by using the possible combinations.
Using the probability calculator now you can navigate and investigate the relation between two separate events. Such as, if the chances of A anything happens are 50% and also the same for B is 50% then what are the real chances for the both events which one will you go mostly. This is the main question.

How to Use Slope Probability Calculator?

In order to make the use of this calculator you need to follow these steps including,
Formula name for using P (A) P (B)
Probability = possible choices with total number of options

1) First define the real problem you need to solve:

You can start to condense your problem into two different distinct events. If you really want to calculate the probability vents with an equal experiment trial then you first need to pick the right problem in measure.

2) Find the real probability event for each component:

The value of each single event is also known as P value you will must find the both sides components first.

3) Now type percentage of each probability event in corresponding field:

Once you type the probability percentage it will immediately get diced into six sections like,

  • Both events will begin to happen
  • Exact one even will happen
  • At least one of the events will occur
  • Neither of the events happen
  • Only the second event will not happen
  • The first event will not respond
Working Of slope Probability Calculator:
Probability Calculator

The basic formula and definition of using probability is to measure the ratio of those outcomes which are chosen in numbers to determine the real outcome of the possibilities. Like if you want to know the probability of taking a read marble out of a bag of 60 marbles where there are only 12 are red then the answer will be 6, 1/6 or 30%.
The probability calculator is free and uses the intuitive calculation to help you identify the quantity and quantify the statistical analysis to allow you measure any event before happening.