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Permutation and combination
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What is Permutation & Combination?

Are you a math nerd and finding a lot of difficulties to solve your problems, let's make it easy and fun for you with the help of permutations and combinations which are only way to give you various possible ratios without any replacement or form any other subject. This is called the permutation with right amount of combination you can any desired numbers to subset which are also used in the French mathematician to develop safe and secure specific selection of elements with a set of order.
While all these combination involves the permutation lock where numbers are very important whereas to suffice those combination to get your solution without replacement of the mathematical standards. The permutation calculator is used without replacing anything and also referred as the repetition which means the locked combination is above.
In simple words permutation is in different number of ways which you can choose the element that contains the various objects and make it place it right order to get your solution. For example, just imagine you own a deck of nine cards with digit of 1 to 9, and you draw only three random cards in line to put them on table to create a new three digit number so many how many distinct numbers you can create now.

How to Use Permutation & Combination Calculator?

Unfortunately, you don't need to put too many efforts or write down all those combination and possible numbers. In fact you can use this amazing formula that will allow you to calculate the permutation numbers in no time and quite possibly come up with right solution patterns.
Formula name for using permutation and combination: P (N, R) = N! / (N-R)!

  • P stands for permutation
  • N is stand for total number of elements in set
  • R is stand for the elements you choose from each set

First off you can begin to notice permutation formulae and the number of your choosing for one element using N. Then on the other hand you can choose the combination to reduce the P (N, N) = N!
After that you can apply the equation of your problem with these number cards you pick. You need to find the number of way to select from 3 out of 9 cards included like, P (9, 3) = 9! (9, 3) = 9! / 6! = 506
You can also check the results with NPR calculator.

Working Permutation & Combination Calculator:
Permutations And Combinations Calculator

If you want to switch on an advanced mode, then you will be able to find those combination numbers in different place. Here combined numbers are keys to choose elements, unlike simple permutation. This whole process does not matter at all.
For example, just imagine your bag is filled with twelve balls and each has different color. You can pick only five random and determine how many distinct balls sets you may get. If you know the permutation number then you can easily calculate it.